F&B: Voices from the Kitchen

F&B: Voices from the Kitchen is a storytelling project from La Cocina that seeks to share the voices and stories from the cooks and kitchens that are less often heard. The event is a twice-yearly performance that revolves around (and includes) food and drink on a singular topic or theme. 
Proceeds from F&B will support La Cocina’s business incubator program.

Upcoming performances

Spring 2018

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We're excited to release our 2018 themes soon.


What People Are Saying 

"One of the longest after-glows."

"Worth far more than the price of admission even if it had not been for a good cause."

" We were smiling and loving the entire event. I truly enjoyed all of the voices."

"I don’t think I can adequately articulate how impressed I was last night. I came in not exactly knowing what to expect, and subsequently had my expectations blown away."

Committee Members

Executive Producer: Bonnie Ross | FandBonnie@lacocinasf.org | @FandBonnie

Jessica Battilana | Shanna Farrell | Rose Kang | Dawson Ludwig | Chef Thomas McNaughton | Bonnie Tsui | Judy Tsang | Alexis Madrigal | Jennifer 8 Lee | Shirin Raza | Paolo Lucchesi | Rachel Levin

La Cocina Event Team: Caleb Zigas, Jessica Mataka, Aniela Valtierra